Regional chauvinism of political parties in

But, violent activities by the MNF did not lose momentum. Consequently, inShiv Sena allied with the Congress I and fielded 33 candidates for the assembly elections. The creation of more and more states meant more seats of power and authority. The causes for the spread of Regionalism in India can thus be summarized as follows: The Congress derived Maximum mileage out of this and embarked upon a nationwide membership campaign.

An important cause for the growth of regional passions in India is the failure of mainstream national parties to perform well, fulfill even the basic expectations of the people, and 4 thereby, failure to secure a positive mandate by the majority.

The Major Regional Political Parties of India

Our politicians began to control us like puppets and began to plan the timing and proportion of violent agitations, civic unrest and destruction of lives and property, depending on when optimum mileage could be secured from fuelling such acts.

An ideology is a collection of ideas. The state governments that get more funds can use these funds for subsidising more and more basic necessities thereby making the people lethargic and killing the motivation to work hard. One ideology can belong to several groups and there is sometimes considerable overlap between related ideologies.

But he has built his own following and has relied on a mix of Hindu nationalism, regional chauvinism, development and accountability rhetoric. This, however, does not mean that the demands of factionalism and separatism should be conceded.

The local parties overcome these problems and help in establishing true Federal structure. Our federal structure is not akin to the federal structure that obtains in Canada or USA.

The agitation in Bengal also became violent, and at some point of time, the two states appeared to be on a war-path. The first and most challenging form of regionalism that emerged in post-independent India was the demand of the 8 people of certain regions to secede from the Indian Union and become an independent sovereign state.

If the Assamese kill Hindi-speaking people, it is the Shiv Sena, which is to be blamed. The responsibility for violation of this order shall be upon the defaulters.

Regionalism is a highly parochial sentiment which blinds the people of a region to the broader requirements of the nation or the community as a whole.

A la Shiv Sena, the Assamese politicians too stoke regional chauvinism, which the Sena pioneered to succeed in politics. Uddhav has been prudent in understanding the changing political scenario and has succeeded in remaining significant.

Laldenga adopted a contradictory posture. Whenever the Centre has behaved in an irresponsible manner and takes decisions to suit its own interests, regional discontent has found expression through these parties.

The latest region which appeared in the headlines is the state of Maharashtra. To some extent its efforts did yield results and helped in containing the growing tide of regionalism, but, with the slowing down of nation building process and shrinking of the Congress base, these demands have again cropped up.

But init lost to Congress, which is now led by Chief Minister Mr. This tendency has so harmed the national cause.

It describes itself as a democratic socialist party and is mainly representing the interests of a caste grouping called Other Backward Classes OBCs. Meanwhile, measures of peace were also initiated, accords signed, and promises made by the Union Government as well as the rebels.

Though they gave up their demand which remained subdued for a few decades. A serious review of the Centre-State relations is needed correct some of the genuine grievances of states. The idea of making Hindi the sole national language was blasphemous to the students as it involved the simultaneous and complete withdrawal of English, even as a medium for competitive examinations for jobs and education!

The North Indians who got beaten up had come to appear for examinations for jobs in Indian Railway. The opponents of 7 regional tendencies believe that reducing or increasing the size of regions cannot by itself promote peace and development.

However, the schism in India has widened to dangerous proportions. If language was the basis for reorganising states, then how can it be wrong to raise a voice to protect the rights of the people of those states?Terrorism and nationalism on a regional scale are now spreading in India. The latest region which appeared in the headlines is the state of Maharashtra.

Right wing politician Raj Thackeray had so far been mostly using only words to promote regional chauvinism and threatening non-Maharashtrian people who are living and.

Regionalism in Indian Politics is fast spreading across various states of India. It has become a striking feature of the Indian political party system. The rise of regional political parties have played significant role in the regional, state and even national politics of our democratic country.

Rajnarayan Chandavarkar; Born: Died: 23 April (aged 53) Alma mater: Trinity College, Cambridge; Scientific career and as his own scholarship sought to appreciate the growth in enthusiasm on the part of workers for movements of regional chauvinism and communalism, the appeals and strategies of different political parties and.

Emergence of Regional Parties and its Implications

Is the rise of regional parties in India a cause for concern? Update Cancel. Well, it is a matter of concern. Regional Parties can lead to Political instability in the country.

Even the local parties are understanding this and have given up regional chauvinism or toned it down. List of political ideologies topic.

Role of Regional Political Parties in India

In social studies, a political ideology is a certain set of ethical ideals, principles, doctrines, myths or symbols of a social movement, institution, class or large group that explains how society should work and offers some political and cultural blueprint for a certain social order.

Regional party synonyms, Regional party pronunciation, Regional party translation, English dictionary definition of Regional party. n. 1. a. Political division of an area into partially autonomous regions.

b. Advocacy of such a political system. Cong won't play second fiddle to regional parties.

Regional chauvinism of political parties in
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