Smart prepaid energy meter using gsm module

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Researchers from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and Eotvos Lorand University in Budapest conducted experiments on 87 smartphone owners aged between 18 and RF Receiver - The RF receiver is used to get an alert of low energy balance from the prepaid energy meters. Man takes "selfie" while driving, crashes into tree.

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Prepaid Energy Meter With Theft Detection

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The good thing is that the service should be the same everywhere.GSM based Monthly Electricity Energy Meter Billing and SMS upon GSMwith User Programmable Number Features together with Onsite Display to the user It stands for Global system for Mobile Communications.

It is a communication standard using time division multiple access technique. Energy tariff is calculated by using. Mar 30,  · Prepaid Energy Meter using GSM; Symbian based robot control using Bluetooth and MEMS; A smart home using Bluetooth. Posted on March 30, March 31, by Harish. In this project the Bluetooth socket module is used to communicate with the hardware.

The hardware is connected to mobile through the SPP (Serial Port. Electricity Recharge Station with Prepaid Energy Meter Using Arduino.

prepaid energy meter using GSM module

Description. Description The AT memory stick is used as the smart recharge device. For building prepaid energy meter, following components will be required - A message is sent to the consumer confirming the recharge information using the GSM module.

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It is made SMS capable by interfacing Atmega with SIM Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) module. proposed a Prepaid Energy Meter based on SMS technology. prepaid meter that can be recharged by using smart card.

The Prepaid component used ARM Cortex M3 controller interfaced with both RFID reader and GSM module. A smart prepaid energy metering system to control electricity theft In this system a smart energy meter is installed in every consumer unit and a server is maintained at the service provider side.

Both the meter and the server are equipped with GSM module which facilitates bidirectional communication between the two ends using the existing.

Smart prepaid energy meter using gsm module
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