Write any three characteristics of ganga brahmaputra delta

The major rivers of the peninsular the the Mahanadi, the Godavari, the Krishna etc.

Write any four characteristics of ganga-brahmputra delta?

The conventional physical, chemical and biological treatment methods are very expensive and Bangladesh with is present resources can hardly afford such technology. The Tsangpo is spanned in several places by suspension bridges.

Class 9th Chapter : Drainage (NCERT Solution)

The three basic differences between tributaries and distributaries are given below: It is joined by the Alaknanda at Devaprayag in Uttarakhand. The inorganic waster are chemicals used by the industries such as various acids, bleaching powder, lissapol, hydrogenperoxide, alkali, salts, lime, dyes, pigments, aluminium-sulphate and heavy metals etc.

From the survey of effluents from different industriesit has been found that the discharge is generally compose of organic and inorganic wastes.

In this context, the present study uses the Household Income and Expenditure Survey to analyse the extent of wealth-based inequalities in human well-being in the urban delta region and the determinants of selected welfare measures.

It is joined by the Brahmaputra. Coast in Crisis; Earthscan, London. The area drained by the main river, its tributaries and distributaries is termed as the river basin. In light of the growing recognition of urbanisation as part of broader development processes [ 1920212223 ] and, consequently, human well-being, it is crucial to investigate the extent of existing intra-urban inequalities in rapidly urbanising economically and environmentally vulnerable countries and regions.

In the northern part of the basin, mountain grasslands and alpine meadows are the dominant vegetation, while remainder of the basin is covered by deciduous forests and tropical and subtropical broadleaf forests.

A big waste treatment plant is necessary to stop pollution in the river but no such plant is being set up due to lack of investors for the project, he told The Daily Star, March 12, The East India Company lost control of India's government and the people of India were becoming free from feudal domination.

Solidarity contested all the seats of the Senate and won 99 of them. Another major project, the Ranganadi plant, has been built in Arunachal Pradesh, which has considerably more generating capacity than the Kopili station. An example of such saltwater lake is the Sambhar lake of Rajasthan.

Pollution in the Ganges Brahmaputra Delta Plain

The Ganga flows eastwards with the increased volume up to Farakka in West Bengal. A gorge is a very steep sided, narrow river valley. Corrosive to skin and mumem; potential carcinogenic.1.

Describe the type of vegetation and the wildlife found in the Ganga – Brahmaputra delta. (A) (i) Dense mangrove forests are found in the Ganga – Brahmaputra delta/Sunderbans (ii) The roots of these plants are submerged under water. (i) Many bio-reserves have been set up in the country to.

Divisions of Indo - Gangetic And Brahmaputra Plains

Brahmaputra delta is contained within, or seaward, of Bangladesh, a country of some million inhabitants with a population density approaching 1, persons per km 2. Brahmaputra River: Brahmaputra River, major river of Central and South Asia.

It flows some 1, miles (2, km) from its source in the Himalayas to its confluence with the Ganges (Ganga) River, after which the mingled waters of the two rivers empty into the Bay. The lower deltaic plain of Ganges Brahmaputra Delta in Bangladesh is a tidally active flood plain with anastomosing network of rivers and tidal creeks.

The rapidly changing morphology of this delta is mainly due to huge sediment discharge transported down the drainage basins, it’s redistribution. In tropical delta regions, such as the Ganges Brahmaputra Meghna delta region, urban growth and resulting intra-urban inequalities are accelerated by the impact of environmental and climate change.

Topographic map of Ganges‐Brahmaputra‐Meghna Delta region. Tectonic boundaries are marked in black with ticks on the upthrown side of thrusts. The gray dashed line is the hinge zone indicating the transition between the Indian Craton and the thick sediments of the Bengal basin.

Write any three characteristics of ganga brahmaputra delta
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